Where Does the Tooth Fairy Get Money?

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In a recent conversation with my 5-year old son, we chatted about where the tooth fairy gets his money (yes, in our house the tooth fairy is male). According to my son, the tooth fairy collects teeth and then sells them to people who need them. The tooth fairy then takes the money and gives it to kids who lose their teeth.

Now, while this may sound far fetched (and a bit capitalistic – LOL!), it is a case where fact is more interesting than fiction. Did you know, in medieval times poor people would sometimes pull their own teeth and sell them to rich people for money. These teeth were turned into early prototypes for dentures. Unfortunately, this type of denture didn’t really work and soon rotted.

Seeing the world through the eyes of kids can be a rich experience. Their unencumbered view of the world holds lots of possibilities. In this case, my sons beliefs about the tooth fairy happened to have some historical grounding. Helping your kids tap into their imaginations is an important skill when it comes to problem solving.

One way to encourage imagination is to get your children to tell stories. You can start by asking a question or two about your child’s favorite topic. Or, you could make a game of it. Recently, a friend visiting from the U.K. gave my kids a set of Story Cubes (dice with images on them). The boys had a great time rolling the dice and conjuring up stories.

Though my sons’ stories were quite fantastical, they offered many possibilities. While some of their stories were rooted in fact, other stories may foreshadow things to come. Ah, the wonders of the imagination.

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