How Meditation Can Help Students Improve Grades, Boost Self-Esteem, and Curb Bad Behavior

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If you’re a regular reader, you’ve probably seen my posts about how creativity gets stifled by stress. A relaxed mind is helpful in many ways. In fact, there is lots of chatter about the stress-busting benefits of meditation with school children. Studies have found meditation can help students improve grades, boost self-esteem, and even cut down on bad behavior. Makes sense right? Introducing quiet time should be beneficial. But, why so?

According to researchers, deliberate silence invites concentration and cuts down on stress. Conversely, noisy classrooms lower concentration and increase stress. Noisy classroom environments are also linked to lowered exam scores. A study by South Bank University and the Institute of Education in London found that test scores were cut by as much as a third if children Read more of this post

Is the Gamification of Education a Good Thing?

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When my oldest son was in kindergarten, homework consisted of math worksheets and a reading log. Fast forward two years, and my youngest son is in kindergarten. While both boys were in the same school for kindergarten, things have changed. My youngest son is now assigned e-homework. His teacher assigns modules from each week. I’ve heard mixed reactions from parents. While I love the idea of completing math, language, and science assignments online, some parents are concerned that kids are playing “games” rather than learning.

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