The Global Innovation Index 2011 is Out

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Switzerland, Sweden and Singapore lead The Global Innovation Index 2011 as #’s 1, 2, and 3 respectively. Interested in seeing how the 125 countries stack up? Read more. Beware, the report is a beefy 381 pages.

While I haven’t read the entire report cover to cover, I have made it as far as the framework. Here is a synopsis of the measures The Global Innovation Index used to rate each of the countries. Each of the pillars below capture elements of the country’s economy that enable innovation.





Innovation Inputs

  1. Institutions
    • Political environment
    • Business environment
    • Regulatory environment
  2. Human Capital and Research
    • Education
    • Tertiary education
    • Research & development
  3. Infrastructure
    • ICT
    • Energy
    • General Infrastructure
  4. Market Sophistication
    • Credit
    • Investment
    • Trade & competition
  5. Business Sophistication
    • Knowledge workers
    • Innovation linkages
    • Knowledge absorption

Innovation Outputs

  1. Scientific Outputs
    • Knowledge creation
    • Knowledge impact
    • Knowledge diffusion
  2. Creative Outputs
    • Creative intangibles
    • Creative goods and services

What I found most interesting about The Global Innovation Index was the chapter dedicated to creativity and the shout out to readers that “creativity is an important and inseparable factor in the process leading to inventions or innovations.” With that said, there’s plenty of room for growth in the area of measuring creativity. According to the authors of The Global Innovation Index, measuring creativity poses a challenge when it comes to understanding innovation.

Any PhD candidates out there? Measuring creativity could make a great dissertation!



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