Curiosity and Creativity go Hand in Hand


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When my youngest son turned 5 in April, he received a gigantic 17″ pencil as a gift from one of his friends. The pencil was so big that my son had to grip it like a badminton racket. He walked around the house for days happily carrying his pencil around. After making sure my son knew enough not to draw on anything except paper, I rest assured I wouldn’t need to scrub pencil markings off the walls.

However, my son’s curiosity got the better of him and it had nothing to do with drawing on walls. Instead, he decided to test his pencil on the window screens. While curiosity is a key ingredient in creativity, this once, I wished my son could have been a tad less curious. My son was became fascinated with the pencil and wondered what would happen if he poked holes in the window screens with it.

One hole wasn’t enough. My son roamed from window to window seeing if he could make a “perfect” circle in the screen. After 3 windows and larger and larger holes, my son was satisfied with the perfectly round holes. When I asked why he put so many holes in the screens, he replied, “I couldn’t get the small holes perfectly round, so I had to keep making them bigger and trying again.”

My son’s explanation brought me back to my childhood when I tried cutting my own hair. I couldn’t get my hair straight, so I trimmed a bit more. It wasn’t until it was too late that I realized not only was my hair unbearably short, it was still crooked as well.

I guess the good news is my son stopped poking holes once he reached 3 windows.

Ah, curiosity!

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10 Responses to Curiosity and Creativity go Hand in Hand

  1. Bon Crowder says:

    I’m glad to hear someone else let’s the damages go in lieu of learning!

    So much is spilled and damaged in my world now that I just look at and thing – wow, what a great learning experience THAT must have been. Cool.

    And she’s only two.

    • aliciaarnold says:

      Thank you for stopping by and for taking the time to comment. Agreed, accidents can be learning experiences.

  2. Derek Lauber says:

    I completely agree that curiosity and creativity go hand in had, but in this case to the detriment of your screens.

    Thanks for posting!


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