A Creative Way to Get People to Read in the Park

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Just the other day I stepped out to get a breath of fresh air at the Norman B. Leventhal Park (also known as the park at Post Office Square). What I love about this park is how they cater to park goers. The grounds, though small, are pristine. There are flowers everywhere, the lawn is manicured, the food carts are tasteful (as well as tasty), and they even put out waterproof mats that you can borrow to sit on the grass. How lovely of the park to think about all the folks out at lunch who might not want to sully their work clothes.

In the middle of a crazy day, the park is a respite for the mind and soul. Now, the park is intellect-friendly too. As I looked around the park during my last visit, I noticed something interesting. There, right by the mats, stood a book cart for park goers to borrow books. Here’s a description of the reading program from the Normal B. Leventhal Park Facebook page:

Did you see the surprise in the park?! We now have a book cart called Library On The Lawn! It will be out all summer long (on nice days of course). Feel free to borrow a book or a magazine for as long as you want. If you would like to donate books that would be great!

The idea has taken off. People seem to love the idea. I saw tons of folks walking up to the cart and snagging good reads. There are books for all ages and interest levels. A great way to create bonding time for the kids who are visiting their parents during lunch break.

What a lovely way to encourage reading in the park. Kudos to the team who thought up this unique and inspiring idea!

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