A Yard Sale Find Brings Out the Scientists in the Family

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Over the weekend our local high school held a yard sale. The new high school is set to open soon and the organizers of the yard sale collected all of the unused items from the old high school and pulled together a fundraiser. At first my boys hemmed and hawed about going to a yard sale. But once they entered the gym, they were fascinated. Both kids immediately set their sights on the table of microscopes. A few minutes and a few dollars later, we were the proud owners of one of them.

When we returned home, the boys couldn’t wait to use the microscope. Luckily, my husband has been taking science classes for the past two years and set the course for exploration. First we had to think up some ideas for what we could use to hold our specimen. Unfortunately, the microscope didn’t come with any slides. Though we began ideating on ways to use plastic food wrap, we settled on using the glass from wallet-sized photo frames.

Then we were off. My husband spent the rest of the weekend showing the kids what different cells looked like under the scope. Both were amazed and delighted by all they saw. They started with water, a cross section of onion, a sample of water from the bird bath, a drop of blood and ended the weekend with the piece d’ resistance – a sample of pond water.

I figured the microscope would be a wonderful experience, but didn’t realize how great learning could be with my husband at the helm. Perhaps we have more budding scientists in our mix! We’ll have to create more reasons to turn off the television and turn on the microscope this summer.

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  1. Leeanne A says:

    I am a garage sale junkie – I buy for my classroom – getting a microscope would be great – glad your family had a good experience!
    Here are my finds!

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