Creativity for a Cause: Nothing Can End Hunger

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An informal promise my cohort made when we began studying creativity was to always use creativity for good. As such, whenever I see interesting ways to tap into creativity for a cause, I take notice.

The other day I came across an interesting campaign for the Rhode Island Food Bank. The campaign moved me – I loved the creative problem solving that went into getting people to think about and take action on hunger. Unlike much of the cause marketing that we’re surrounded by, this campaign tugged at my heart strings without clubbing me over the head with gripping images of hunger. There was something both intellectually and emotionally appealing. Take a look for yourself…

Some of the aspects of the Nothing campaign I admired included:

  1. The physical manifestation of “Nothing”
  2. The wonderful way of creating an experiential learning component via taste testing
  3. The campaign’s approach of leveraging the existing behaviors of grocery shopping and buying breakfast
  4. The surprising emotional plot twist
  5. The effective use of “nothing” (metaphorically and physically) in the in-store tests and radio spot

I once heard a saying that went something along the lines of, “To change behavior, you need to change the experiences.” The catalyst for change in this case was the real emotion people felt when the contents of the plate were revealed. Taste testing really took on a whole new meaning.

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