How Music Inspires Creativity

Classical Music In The Park

Image by Photo Gallery via Flickr

I grew up with music and am thankful for my musical household. Of course, with my family “growing up with music” didn’t mean coming from a musically talented family, but living above a disco lounge. In thinking about my childhood I remember my brother and I putting our ears to the floor late at night to hear the sounds of the 70’s. I also have fond memories of my uncle singing into a hairbrush, my first portable radio, and my first Walkman!

A memorable quote about the link between music and creativity comes from creativity facilitator, Bill Sturner, who said, “…music cuts through and gets you to glide with it.” And, if you think about it, music really does have a way of shifting our moods. Music can make us happy, give us energy, make us cry, make us conjure images of the past…and even images of the future.

Whether you’re listening to music at home or at work, here are some ways to tap into its potential. For energy, choose upbeat music. For relaxation, choose soothing music. And, for writer’s block or unlocking creativity, choose classical music without words. Music without lyrics opens the mind to new possibilities as you are not predisposed to the songwriter’s perspective.

If you’d rather someone (or in this case, a computer program) choose for you, give Pandora a try. Pandora looks at the traits of songs, or a song’s genome, to suggest music with similar traits. Another interesting choice is Moodstream which lets you “fine tune” your mood settings and pairs great visuals with your music.

Happy listening.

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