A Parent Workshop on Creativity

Tightrope Walker, Palolem, Goa, India

Image by racoles via Flickr

Last week I had the honor of co-presenting a parent workshop on creativity at a local Montessori school. The workshop provided a primer on creativity, lots of hands on activities to build creativity skills, and a wonderful opportunity to chat about raising creative kids. Throughout the workshop, we used experiential activities to raise awareness of creativity. Our lessons centered around tips and techniques that parents could use at home with their children.

After the workshop was over, the parents stuck around – all abuzz about what they had just learned. Though the workshop was focused on raising creative kids, a side effect of the workshop was that parents were able to exercise their creative muscles. The frantic pace of raising kids leaves little time for parents to tend to themselves. In order to raise creative children, we must take the time to exercise our own creative muscles.

Here’s a quick activity that was a hit with the parents. Give this a whirl with your kids:

  • Grab a yardstick and form a circle with your kids
  • Now, pass the yardstick around the circle
  • When you receive the yardstick, use your imagination to act out what the yardstick might be
  • Those without the yardstick must guess what the item is. For example, you might drop the yardstick on the ground and balance your way across. From there, your kids might guess what the yardstick is…”It’s a line in the middle of the road…it’s a tightrope,” etc.
  • Take turns and have a ball.

This activity is comes compliments of Donna Milani Luther, Head of School, Inly School.

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  1. Jill says:

    found you through your fantastic ‘lego’ article on technorati Great blog you have here – I’m looking forward to exploring it some more! You’re right we do need to exercise our own creativity to inspire our kids and lead by example!
    Neat idea for a game!


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