The Link Between Relaxation and Creativity

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Studies show stress is not a good breeding ground for creativity. This week I’ve been stumped for ideas. When I first started this blog, I set a goal for posting 5 times a week. I’ve found writing has been a great way to tap into productively finding an outlet for the ideas that roam the recesses of my mind. However, this week I’ve felt stretched. There’s been a ton going on between work and home. Throughout the week I kept thinking, ‘I know there’s a blog post somewhere, but I can’t get it out.’

As I drove to my hair appointment on Saturday, I ran through the draft articles in my head. Again, I hit a mental block. Then, an amazing thing happened. I was a bit early for my appointment and was able to spend a few moments in the spa’s Tranquility Room. After about 10 minutes stretched out on the lounger in the low lit room, with scents of refreshing citrus and floral lingering in the air lounger, surrounded by my favorite magazines, the ideas soon started to flow.

As it turns out relaxation is a wonderful way to invite creativity. One way to prepare for stress is to make a list of the things that help you unwind – listening to music, jogging, reading a book, meeting up with some friends, or whatever grabs your fancy. Then, revisit your list when you’re feeling stressed and looking to tap into creativity.

Luckily I was called to my hair appointment before the warm neck pillow arrived. Otherwise, I may have missed my goal of 5 posts this week!

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  1. Nathan says:

    The “calming” of the mind is so interesting. Some of my best ideas and directional concepts have come from times when I have been doing repetitive, manual labor. Having your body running on auto-pilot and then your mind can roam.

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