Visible Signs of Creativity

I was on a flight from Logan Airport a few days after the Boston Marathon. And before you ask – no I didn’t run. When I was at the airport, I was struck by how many people were wearing their official Boston Marathon jackets. The airport was awash with proud runners waiting for flights to head home. I started thinking. These runners are part of a club – a club that is identified by adidas windbreakers. If a jacket can make it apparent that a person ran the Boston Marathon, what are the markings of a creative tribe?

To me, you can tell when you’ve found a creative tribe by observing how they work together. Some telling signs of a creative tribe include:

  • A group of people who positively feed off one another’s energy
  • A group of people who build on one another’s ideas to make them better
  • A group who’s working relationship is built on the tenets of mutual respect and understanding
  • A group who shares a common vision and goals
  • A group with diverse skills and preferences for creativity – folks who enjoy coming up with ideas, folks who are good at asking questions, folks who are good at creating solutions, and folks who are good at getting things done

While the physical signs of a creative tribe may not be as visible as the adidas jackets belonging to the 2011 Boston Marathon runners, the markings of a creative tribe are just as strong. Better yet, the bonds among members of a creative tribes run strong. It sometimes takes many tries to find your creative tribe. If you haven’t found your tribe yet, keep looking. Your tribe is out there.

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