Is Creativity like Eating a Balanced Meal?

Pottery Factory

Image by usr.c via Flickr

For the past 15 years I have worked in a world made up of web sites, social media, online advertising, and other virtual experiences. This week at work I began craving the creation of physical things. As I left work on Friday, I was ready to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty…cooking, making pottery, designing draperies, painting walls.  You name it – I was ready. In speaking with my co-workers, they felt the same way. It seems when you’re continually creating in one realm, it can cause you to crave creativity in other realms.

I started thinking about how creativity is like eating a balance meal. While it may be healthy to eat just steamed vegetables, mixing in some grains, fruits, and beans adds texture and interest. Perhaps creativity is, in fact, like eating a balanced meal. While you may prefer one food group over another, it is a varied and colorful diet that provides the most sustenance.

Stumbling upon this thought brought to mind an article about Juliet Binoche. In 2009, Binoche was interviewed by NPR. In the interview, she discussed how in the month of September she was scheduled to dance on stage in Brooklyn, NY, show her paintings on Fifth Avenue, and act in a film. To Juliet, though the activities seemed divergent, she viewed them as dancing on stage, dancing on canvas and dancing on stage.

How’s that for a well-balanced creative feast? Now, off to do some cooking!

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